YouTuber Caspar Lee co-founds Influencer marketing platform, raises £3M Series A

Despite the inexorable rise of social media influencers, several problems remain when it comes to brands trying to use these stars to push their products. The marketing tools and processes are fragmented (read: chaotic). Attaining some level of authenticity, quality and creativity in influencer-driven campaigns is tough, to say the least. And the whole thing has to look like the influencers are only promoting brands that they truly believe in, whether they are or not.

Perhaps that’s unkind? Some social influencers really do try to “curate” the products they are pushing. Plenty just do it only for the money, and it shows. The whole thing is largely a shitshow, to use a technical term. Some startups are trying to bring order to this tedious state of affairs.

Influencer is a social media influencer marketing platform, which has now announced the close of a £3 million (± $3.6 million) Series A round led by Puma Private Equity.

Its platform claims to simplify the influencer marketing process for both advertisers and creators, giving advertisers access to a network of “macro and micro creators” pre-vetted for authenticity, quality and creativity based on first-party data. This unites “creator discovery, creator relationship management, campaign management

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