Why Flexport built a slick Slack SAAS for shipping

“Make their metrics your metrics” is one of Flexport CEO Ryan Petersen’s mantras. Sometimes that means building free software for your clients. It can be frustrating aligning your fates with a fellow business if they operate on email, phone, and fax like much of the freight forwarding industry that gets pallets of good across the world from factories to retailer’s floors. So today the new Flexport Platform launches allowing brand clients, their factories, and their Flexport logistics reps to all team up to get stuff where it belongs on time.

The software could further stoke Flexport‘s growth by locking in customers to work with the shipping startup that was valued at $3.2 billion after raising $1 billion from SoftBank in February to bring it to $1.3 billion in funding. Flexport’s revenue was up 95% to $441 million in 2018, Forbes’s Alex Konrad reported. Yet there’s plenty of green field to conquer given even Flexport’s largest competitor Kuehne & Nagel only holds 2.5% market share while the whole freight forwarding industry grows 4% per year.

The Flexport Platform lets 10,000 clients like Bombas socks invite their suppliers to collaborate on managing shipments together. An integrated calendar makes shipping timelines clear.

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