Founded by a former Uber exec, Oliver Space wants to design and furnish apartments for busy professionals

Chan Park feels like “an eternal nomad.” It all started at age 12, when he moved from Korea to the U.S., where he attended middle school in Minnesota, followed by high school in New Jersey, followed by college in New Hampshire.

Then he really began to bounce around, working as a trader in New York, embracing the life of a ski bum in Utah, then heading to Asia in the service of Uber, where he spent six years, running its expansion team at first, then managing its entire Southeast Asia business out of Singapore. More specifically, he was responsible for eight countries across the region, and 350 people, which didn’t give him a lot of time to organize his home.

It was something to which he was very accustomed — living in chaos — except something interesting happened in Singapore. “There’s this huge culture of landlords furnishing space to attract expats,” says Park. “The furnishings aren’t super high-end, but they’re well-designed and well put together and it enabled me to be basically be moved in as soon as I put my clothes in the closet.” He also enjoyed being home a lot more. “For the first time, I was proud

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