Don’t miss out: Apply for the TC Hackathon at Disrupt Berlin 2019

The popular TC Hackathon is back in action at Disrupt Berlin 2019 on 11-12 December. We’re limiting the competition to 500 participants and seats are going fast. Don’t miss your chance to put your creative skills to the test and compete against some of the world’s top code poets.

Oh, you’ll love this part — it won’t cost you anything to apply or to participate. Who doesn’t love free? Apply to the TC Hackathon today.

Our Hackathon will push you to be your very best. Here’s how it works. The event takes place during the Disrupt conference in a dedicated section of Arena Berlin and — how cool is this — all participants receive a free Innovator pass to the show.

You and your team (either the one you bring or the one you find onsite) will choose from a series of sponsored challenges (more on that in a minute). Then buckle up and get ready to buckle down, because you’ll have less than 24 hours to design, build and present something great. We’re talking working prototypes that address real-world problems.

Don’t worry, we’ll keep you fed and caffeinated throughout the competition so you can focus on building a product with

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