Code slingers: Apply to the Hackathon at Disrupt Berlin 2019

Calling all code poets. It’s time to strut your stuff at the TC Hackathon at Disrupt Berlin 2019. Are you ready to test your physical, mental and technical limits in this intense, high-pressure code-a-thon for cash, prizes and bragging rights? Then apply to compete right here.

How does the Hackathon work? First of all, it’s free. And we give each participant a free Innovator pass. The Hackathon takes place during the Disrupt conference in a dedicated section of Arena Berlin. We’re limiting participation to 500 participants who will have just 36 hours to form teams, choose one of several sponsored contest hacks and complete their project.

We’ll announce the specific sponsors and challenges in the coming weeks. But you’ll get a good sense of what to expect by looking at the sponsored contests, prizes and winners from the Hackathon at Disrupt SF 2018.

Your skill and talent will be put to good use because, regardless of which hack challenge you select, sponsors are looking for working products that address real-world problems. Do your very best to impress, and you could take home thousands of dollars.

Judges will review the completed projects science-fair style, and they’ll choose 10 teams for the final

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