Beyond Pricing raises $42M to tell you what to charge on Airbnb

Most people just guess how to price their vacation rental based on minimal research, or take platforms like Airbnb’s suggestions that just want to maximize their own revenue. Beyond Pricing aligns itself with home owners, taking 1% of bookings to optimize their rates on a daily basis.

As you might expect of a startup that costs 1% to often earn people 10% to 40% more on anything, it blew up. In the 4.5 years since I covered its $1.5 million seed round, it’s grown for 26 to 7,000 cities and 4 to 60 employees. Beyond Pricing now handles over 150,000 listings. It stealthily raised $2 million more in 2016. But today it announces a mammoth $42.5 million Series A funding round led by Bessemer Venture Partners .

“We skipped a lot of intermediary funding” Beyond Pricing CEO Ian McHenry tells me with a chuckle. “We wanted to have a capital partner that could help us take a few more risks and build out a bunch of new products and go after Europe in a big way since it’s over half of the whole market.” That cash could grow the startup’s total priced bookings past the $2 billion

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