how to be confident and stand your ground | Q&A With Dan

how to be confident and stand your ground #standupforyourself #standyourground #communicationskills I’ve broken this how to be cinfident lesson down for you because it’s unedited and some interesting things came up along the way about how to stand your ground: 00:00 Intro 0:05 First Question of the Day 0:38 The That May Be But + Broken Record 1:52 At the Car Dealership 2:00 The Ben Franklin Method 3:10 Stay on Message with Sarah Palin 4:00 Kelly Loeffler 4:55 AHabitual Liar? 7:50 The Mistress of the South 9:39 What’s propping up Kelly? 11:40 Clear Coats and You CHANNEL (Please Subscribe): …

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