Engineering To Death in COVID-19

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The Coronavirus hit the World like a truck. First labeled “just like the flu,” or a problem “only relevant in Asia” by Western countries and experts, the pandemic quickly managed to shut down most things people considered essential (schools, factories, shops) while the bodycount kept going for a new record every day. 

This is where we still are: Fighting a pandemic without having an effective drug or treatment or a vaccine. Fighting an illness whose long-term effects on people we don’t really fully know yet. And we need help. Someone with a plan, a way forward. Someone to save us. Someone to solve this crisis. And in 2020, that often means we turn to Tech. 

As individuals and as society, we have developed what I think of as “Tech supremacy”: It’s the idea that any issue or problem can be and should be solved by a technologic solution. Climate change? We need better tech to optimize our carbon footprint away. Massive economic inequality? Build an app where people can have a fourth job while doing their third. Feelings of alienation and isolation? Here’s an AI that finds you a partner that you can fit into your schedule. No really, the

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