Will Smith just dropped $10K on a startup that pitched him on Disrupt’s stage

Actor and Hollywood media mogul Will Smith surprised the TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2019 audience this afternoon by announcing he would invest $10K in a startup that pitched to him on stage as part of “elevator pitch” contest, where the winner would get to take a selfie with the star. The company, Socionado.com, helps companies with their social media presence. However, what got Smith’s attention was their well-delivered pitch, he said.

The startups didn’t get much time to prepare, having been plucked from the Startup Alley earlier in the day.

In addition to responding well to the pitch itself, Smith also liked the concept and the business model.

“As I built out my social media team, that was the idea — I wanted to take back my storytelling,” said Smith. “I think that’s hugely important.”

“That was really the best pitch so we’re gonna rock a selfie,” Smith said, jumping up to snap a photo with the founder.

That moment when you pitch your startup to Will Smith, get a selfie and an investment of $10K. #TCDisrupt pic.twitter.com/NtDIeYrT9b

— Queenie Wong (@QWongSJ) October 2, 2019

Will smith investing https://t.co/Mwa0pnHkC9

— Talks_With_TJ (@TJ_Overall) October 2, 2019

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