Tiny acquires Meteor

Canadian technology holding company Tiny, home to companies like Dribble, Flow and Unicorn Hunt, today announced that it has acquired Meteor, the JavaScript-centric open-source app platform.

Meteor launched back in 2011 and while it was a developer darling for a while, its momentum stalled a bit in recent years as other technologies rose to the forefront.

Meteor promises developers that they can build their applications’ front- and back-ends as JavaScript apps and also offers Galaxy, a turnkey hosting service for these apps.

Meteor founder Geoff Schmidt will continue to focus on Apollo GraphQL, a platform for making GraphQL run at scale.

“We found ourselves in an interesting situation where we had two great products, Apollo and Meteor, living under the same roof,” Schmidt told me. “Apollo started growing so quickly that the right thing always seemed to put our incremental hours or dollars toward Apollo. So over time it became clear that they needed to be under different roofs so that Meteor wouldn’t get starved for resources and would have the room it needed to grow.”

Tiny promises that it will continue to invest in Meteor, Galaxy and their developer communities. Tiny and Apollo also say they’ll work closely

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