These are the top Y Combinator companies of all time, based on valuation

In October of 2018, Y Combinator published a mega list of the top 101 companies to have gone through the accelerator, as sorted by each company’s valuation.

This morning they updated the list.

Valuation as a ranking metric has its faults, of course. It’s a measurement largely of perception; a projection of a company’s perceived potential, rather than a direct indication of how much a company is actually making at a given moment. When publishing last year’s list, YC openly admitted that “valuation is a poor way to measure a company’s value in the short term.”

But it still provides some rather interesting insights into which of YC’s 2,000+ investments have grown the most, which have held strong over time and which sectors perform the best. YC says that all of the companies that made this year’s list are each currently valued at $150 million or more, with a cumulative valuation of $155 billion.

The new “Top 101”, according to YC:

Stripe Airbnb Cruise DoorDash Coinbase Instacart Dropbox Ginkgo Bioworks Gusto   Flexport   Rappi   Brex   Reddit   Gitlab   PagerDuty   Checkr   Segment   Docker   Scale   Faire   Twitch   PlanGrid   MixPanel

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