ShareGrid acquires UK peer-to-peer film and camera rental community BorrowFox

ShareGrid, the U.S.-based marketplace for sharing, buying and selling film and photography equipment, has acquired the U.K’s BorrowFox as part of its international expansion plans.

BorrowFox operates a “peer-to-peer” film and camera rental community that lets people rent out their under-utilised gear. ShareGrid says it expects to launch in the U.K. in 2020 (where it will compete with the likes of Fat Lama).

Terms of deal remain undisclosed, although I understand ShareGrid is acquiring all of BorrowFox’s assets outright. The two companies aren’t disclosing if it was a cash or stock deal or mixture of the two, or who BorrowFox’s investors were.

Meanwhile, I’m told that BorrowFox’s founders, Arthur Pierse and Alastair Woods, won’t be joining ShareGrid.

In the U.S. ShareGrid lets users rent film and camera equipment from each other, including cinema cameras, still cameras, lenses, audio equipment, drones, lighting equipment, gimbals and other accessories, as well as studio spaces, locations and production vehicles.

The idea behind the service is to help creatives access world-class equipment at lower rental fees, and earn an income from their unused gear. The company also offers a buy-and-sell service, custom production quotes, and instant insurance, acting as a “one-stop shop” for filmmakers,

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