Randori Recon acts like a hacker to reveal your weaknesses

Randori, a Boston-based start-up from a former Carbon Black executive and a former Red Team consultant, announced its first product today called Randori Recon, a service designed to act with a hacker’s mindset to surface all of your company’s external weaknesses.

Brian Hazzard, co-founder and CEO, says he had worked with his co-founder David Wolpoff when he was running a red team consulting firm. The idea behind a red team is to act as an attacker would and find a company’s weaknesses. The two decided to put Wolpoff’s lucrative consulting firm out of business and develop a tool to put this kind of service in reach of any company.

“The idea is to break out of that defender’s mindset, to stop guessing at what you need to do on the defense side, but rather to inform our strategies and the way we defend our networks from the attacker’s perspective,” Hazzard explained.

Based on just a company email address, Recon begins to build a picture of all the publicly available information about that company, and from that they can find weaknesses and vulnerabilities that a hacker would typically exploit to get inside a company’s defenses.

Wolpoff says that it’s not useful

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