Lilium releases new flight footage and details factory plans for 2025 launch

Lilium, the Munich-based startup developing an on-demand “air taxi” service, has released its latest flight video — this time demonstrating a successful transition from vertical flight (liftoff) to horizontal flight.

The company is also announcing the completion of its first manufacturing facility and plans for a much larger second factory in preparation for a 2025 commercial launch.

In the flight footage (embedded below), the five-seater all-electric Lilium Jet can be seen taking off and then transitioning to vertical flight, where it functions along broadly similar lines to conventional airplane.

Describing this type of transition as one of “aerospace’s greatest challenges,” Lilium claims this is what gives the Lilium Jet a range advantage over some other all-electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) competitors, with its two sets of wings contributing to much higher levels of efficiency than in aircraft lifted solely by rotors.

“Powered by 36 all-electric jet engines, the aircraft has zero operating emissions and requires less than 10% of its maximum 2000 horsepower during horizontal cruise flight thanks to the lift generated by having two sets of wings,” explains Lilium.

The company — which we reported is currently raising a large round of funding, thought to be between

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