We want you: apply to Startup Battlefield at Disrupt Berlin 2019

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You’ve worked hard to build your dream to this point, and now it’s time to launch your early-stage startup on a world-class stage and shift your momentum into high gear. If that description fits, we want you to apply to compete in the Startup Battlefield at Disrupt Berlin 2019.

Our early-stage startup pitch competition — known around the world — is the most effective way to place your startup in front of the investors, tech leaders and media outlets that can change the trajectory of your business in the best way possible. Oh, and the winning founders also receive $50,000. Sweet!

What’s more, applying to and participating in Startup Battlefield is absolutely free — no fees, no equity, no nothing.

Applying is easy, but the selection process is extremely competitive. TechCrunch editors with a keen eye for potential will vet every application and then select 15-20 companies to compete. Founders of those startups will receive six rigorous weeks of pitch coaching — you’ll work hard to craft your pitch, prepare your demo and be ready to strut your stuff with confidence.

When the big day finally arrives, each team will have six minutes to pitch to a world-class panel of judges —


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