Parallel Markets is trying to make it easy to buy and sell private stock

Parallel Markets is a new startup aiming to make it as easy to buy and sell private company shares as it is for public company stock.

COO Nicholas Goss said this is becoming issue for startups as they stay private for longer, which means early employees can find their equity locked up for longer periods of time — and that’s assuming they can even afford to exercise their stock options.

“This is the type of thing that’s really change the game when it comes to attracting talent,” Goss said.

CTO Brian Muller added, “There’s a pent up demand, both for the ability to sell and the ability to buy … We’re bringing our platform into the mix to work directly with issuers to support that liquidity in a structured way.”

That idea of working with issuers (in other words, the companies whose stock is being sold) is a big of what the Parallel Markets team said distinguishes them from secondary marketplaces like SharesPost. Co-founder and CEO Tony Peccatiello said that while these sales usually happen without input from the company, Parallel Markets is taking a different approach, one that “puts the control over these transactions in the hands of a

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