Jellysmack launches program to scale audiences from YouTube creators

Jellysmack originally started as a social media company with popular brands on Facebook and other social platforms, such as Beauty Studio, Oh My Goal, Gamology and Riddle Me This. The company is now branching out and expanding with a different product, the ‘Creator’s Program.’

The startup is going to partner with popular YouTube creators and grow their audience on other social media platforms, starting with Facebook and Snapchat. This way, YouTube creators get a new audience on a separate platform, which reduces dependency on YouTube’s algorithm.

Jellysmack has developed several tools for its own media brands, such as tools to detect popular content, optimize content itself and improve distribution on social platform. The company now attracts 88 million unique viewers per month in the U.S.

“We realized that we could reuse this suite of tools with many other creators and not just on our own content,” Jellysmack co-founder and CEO Michael Philippe told me.

The startup already identified a bunch of YouTube creators that could benefit from these tools. It has partnered with Reaction Time, Infinite, Karina Garcia, How Ridiculous and others.

After that, Jellysmack obtains all the back catalog of videos, recuts them and shares them on Facebook

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