Budget Opportunity: Small Business Advisor Kamyar Shah on How Franchise Brands Should Direct Marketing Spend in 2020

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Kamyar Shah is a Tampa, Florida-based business and franchise consultant who offers remote COO and CMO services to young-but-growing businesses across the United States. He currently serves as a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. 1851 tapped into Shah’s small business and franchise leadership coaching and executive expertise to learn how brands should be spending their marketing budgets in 2020.1851: What’s working marketing-wise for brands in 2019 that you recommend they continue allocating budget toward in 2020? Shah: One of the most underutilized marketing methods that is surely going to be around for years to come is native advertising. It is rather logical to assume that as content productions increase, the opportunity to utilize native advertising similarly will increase.1851: In what areas of the business can franchisors lighten their budgets or lessen spending next year? Shah: There is no hard and fast rule because different franchises have different rules. That being said, I have seen lower returns on local print media in recent months. Hence, I would start by looking at lower-performing projects and marketing venues.1851: What’s the biggest trend you’re seeing when it comes to franchise development and marketing budgets and spending?Shah:<span data-original-title=""

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