Beamery announces platform to help HR recruit and retain talent

Almost every company has a talent problem. It’s hard to find good employees and, once you do, to keep them happy. Today, Beamery announced a fully integrated platform to help solve that problem.

Company co-founder and CEO Abakar Saidov says that while drawing and retaining talent can provide organizations with a key strategic advantage, there has been a dearth of digital tools to help. “What we found was that there is no fundamental kind of operating system or system of record to be able to run that part of the business,” he said.

While there are point solutions for different parts of the process, Beamery recognized an opportunity to deliver a more complete platform. “We essentially built what we’re calling a talent operating system, which encompasses the core primary business objectives of what a company is trying to do with talent,” Saidov explained.

That involves a suite of tools with the three key components around attracting, engaging and retaining talent, which Saidov says lines up in a way like a sales and marketing process. The problem as he sees it, is that the tools available for sales and marketing lack a set of features companies need when it comes

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