Adam Draper gives his oddball accelerator a makeover

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Adam Draper, the son of that Draper, is changing things up a bit at his accelerator.

Boost VC has been living life on the fringe of Bay Area accelerators, chasing trends like VR and crypto (and sometimes a combo of the two) hard while courting outliers including a “robot fish platform” and a “cold metal fusion printer”.

While Boost VC’s investments have varied in feasibility, Draper says most of them fit into his particular vision of emerging tech that he calls “sci-fi tech,” something he says is more about finding technologies that give humans “superpowers,” a term he seems to be giving a pretty broad definition with a sci-fi portfolio that includes a jetpack startup and a hotel booking site.

Canvassing frothy sectors hasn’t always been a particularly strong recipe for sustained success; both VR/AR and blockchain startups have endured bear markets in the past couple years. Draper encourages his bets to stay lean and low-profile; the accelerator’s official slogan was, at one point, “be the cockroach.”

Adam Draper isn’t planning to shift away from long-shots, but he is turning the seven-year-old Boost VC into a more codified accelerator in an aim to provide a more compelling pitch


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