Not your typical startup: How being a cooperative drives our business and product development

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Pola Henderson & Maxime Bouroumeau-Fuseau Contributor Share on Twitter Pola Henderson is a communications specialist and Digicoop’s Content & Community Manager. Maxime Bouroumeau-Fuseau is a developer, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Digicoop.

Our French startup Digicoop is a remote-first worker cooperative. We started the company in 2015, based on our shared values and passion for technology. The goal was simple: make good products that will have a positive impact on companies. The road to funding, not so simple.

Due to our unique business model, which focuses on building a sustainable company, we had to forego venture capital and convince lots of players to take a chance. The effort paid off. Here’s a look at why we chose to be a co-op, how we got the funding, and how it drives our product development.

Table of Contents Raison d’être SCOP: We’re all in this together Co-ops on the rise A new approach to management Sustainable growth Co-op funding, a tricky business Exit strategy? Not here Hitting roadblocks Round 1: Community help Round 2: Crowdfunding Vision of the future Last but not least: our products

Raison d’être

Unlike many startups, Digicoop


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