Compete in the TC Hackathon at Disrupt Berlin 2019

Indulge us as we paraphrase the song, Anything You Can Do from the movie, “Annie Get Your Gun.” Anything you can code, I can code better. I can code anything better than you.

If that describes your skills and attitude, it’s time — as we say in the States — to put up or shut up. We’re calling all code slingers to take part in the TC Hackathon at Disrupt Berlin 2019. We’re limiting participation to 500 people, so don’t wait. Apply here today.

Oh, and it doesn’t cost anything to apply or to participate. In fact, we give you a free Innovator pass to attend the show.

What’s at stake? Along with your reputation, you have a shot at winning a $5,000 prize from TechCrunch for the best overall hack. Plus, you and your team (either the one you bring or the one you find onsite) will choose one of several sponsored challenges — each one offering its own cash and prizes.

We’ll make an official announcement about specific sponsors and contests, but last year’s sponsored contests, prizes and winners will give you a sense of the kind of projects to expect.

Teams have just 36 hours to design, create and code

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