Verified Expert Growth Marketing Agency: Factorial Digital

SEO has been around for decades, but it’s still one of the most important growth channels for early-stage startups. Factorial Digital is a growth marketing agency based in NYC that specializes in search and startups. Co-founder Corey Eulas shares his philosophy for growth marketing and how his distributed team collaborates with companies across a variety of verticals.

On Factorial Digital’s process

“Discovery is incredibly important to us. We want to know your backstory, internal processes, what strategies worked and didn’t work in the past, etc. After gathering those details, we’ll do a deep dive to learn more about your business and market category. In our first conversation, we want to identify quick wins, so we’ll propose three ideas that we can try right away. That means we’re starting to deliver value on day one.”

Advice to founders

“The best SEO agency in the country, hands down.” Meredith Wood, NYC, VP of Marketing, Fundera

“I always challenge founders by asking: What if the channel changes? What if consumers stop using it? What if the ad policies change? What if the costs just double and become too prohibitive? What do you do at that point? You’d have

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