Shine adds premium accounts to its bank for freelancers

French startup Shine is launching two new features today — Shine Premium, a premium account with basic insurance coverage for freelancers, and support for more types of companies using Shine Start.

Shine is building an alternative to traditional bank accounts for freelancers. In addition to bank information and a payment card, users can register a “micro-company” to start accepting freelancing jobs, create invoices, export transactions for taxes, etc.

The startup thinks that it is an underserved market even though it can get complicated really quickly when you start freelancing. The app tries to remind you when you’re supposed to pay taxes for instance.

Basic accounts currently cost €4.90 to €7.90 per month depending on your incorporation. But the company is adding a new premium tier called Shine Premium.

In addition to everything you get in the basic plan, Shine offers you insurance coverage in case you end up in a hospital. You can claim up to €100 per day. Shine also covers your equipment, and particularly broken smartphone screens. As a premium user, you can also access better support and a better knowledge base.

This product could be particularly attractive for users who work for Deliveroo, Uber Eats and other food

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