Freedom Robotics raises $6.6M to take the hassle out of founding a robotics startup

After years — decades even — of promises, the robotics industry is finally beginning to realize its potential. Nowhere is this phenomenon clearer than in the world of warehouse automation. Freedom Robotics, a new Bay Area-based startup, came out of stealth this week with plans to help ease the barrier of entry for companies to control and monitor large and small scale robotics fleets alike.

Today, the company announced that it has raised a sizable $6.6 million seed round led by Initialized Capital. The round also finds a handful of high profile investors joining, including, notably, Toyota AI Ventures and Pagerduty founder Andrew Miklas. They join founders of Twitch, Lookout Mobile Security and Xobni.

Freedom’s offering is designed for out-of-the-box operation, with businesses able to customize the offering using its API. The offering minimizes the technical expertise require to implement its offering, promising that users can get started, “with just one line of code.”

Co-founder and CEO Josh Wilson tells TechCrunch Freedom Robotics was founded to help companies get their robots to market, adding he sees the company as an AWS-type product for robotics. Freedom Robotics is targeting robotic teams within large companies and likewise, with small companies building

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