Web3 platform 3Box raises seed to bring back control of user data

Few debates in technology have been as intense over the past few years as the debate over privacy. As companies like Facebook and Google have swelled with all the minutia of our daily lives — our likes, our searches, our calendar invites — there is increasing awareness of the risks to our privacy as these large data guzzlers suck up our digital selves.

Worse, these companies have used their incumbent network effects to increasingly be the identity layer of the web. From Login with Facebook to being the repository of our data that we shuttle from service to service, it’s increasingly clear that a handful of companies have centralized our data into their own profitable silos.

3Box wants to undo that trend toward identity centralization. Building upon and extending the concepts of the Web3 movement, 3Box offers a decentralized identity cloud storage layer that allows developers to save identity information outside of the big tech stacks.

The company announced today that it has raised a $2.5 million seed round led by Brad Burnham through Placeholder Ventures, where he is a venture partner. Brunham is also a partner at Union Square Ventures, where he invested in developer-focused companies like StackOverflow

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