Should your company move into a co-working space, sublease space or traditional office?

Sam Einhorn Contributor Sam Einhorn is a REBNY-award-nominated Director with the commercial real estate services firm Colliers International. He specializes in office leasing, renewals and expansion for high-growth technology companies. He can be reached at (212) 716-3679 or at

It’s a cautionary tale we hear far too often: Company A, hiring staff and growing rapidly, finalized a 10-year lease for office space. One week after move-in they had filled their space to the brim, with engineers sitting on top of sales staff, interns working in the hallways and the CEO operating out of a small conference room.

Company A had backed themselves into a corner, in desperate need for more room with no easy solution to the problem, and looking to swiftly dispose of their inadequate space.

In the startup environment, everything moves at a breakneck pace. Raising venture capital, hiring staff, assembling a board, etc. – all while working day-in and day-out to refine a product or service meant to disrupt the world. With senior staff pulled in different directions, there is little time for a strategic analysis of office space needs.

My team at Colliers specializes in working

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