Ray Dalio is coming to Disrupt SF

When it comes to the gods of finance, few people reach the stratosphere of Ray Dalio . The founder of Bridgewater, the investment firm that has grown to manage $150 billion in assets, Dalio is one of the most successful financial entrepreneurs of his generation, and indeed, of all time.

While Dalio and Bridgewater are known for their pathbreaking analysis of the world economic machine that have reaped them billions in returns, they aren’t just known for their financial results. Rather, Bridgewater is also widely known for its unique culture shaped over decades of trial and error.

Dalio has made sharing that culture his mission in life, publishing Principles, a book and companion mobile app, to train the next generation of founders, executives and business leaders about how to build a culture that seeks truth and excellence in all of its activities.

Dalio will be joining us for a fireside chat on the Extra Crunch stage this October at TechCrunch Disrupt SF, where he will discuss how to build a culture at a startup.

For startup founders, building the culture of their companies is one of the most important yet enigmatic activities they will undertake as leaders. Culture isn’t just

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