Lifen raises $22.7 million for its healthcare messaging platform

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French startup Lifen is raising a $22.7 million (€20 million) funding round. Partech is leading the round with Idinvest Partners and Majycc eSanté Invest also participating. Existing investors Serena and Daphni are also investing again.

Most of the healthcare industry in France still relies on good old physical letters with stamps and everything. Lifen wants to help practitioners and hospitals switch to digital letters instead to save time and money.

While it’s easy to send a digital receipt instead of printing one, it gets a bit more complicated with health information. Companies have to comply with regulation and make sure that everything remains confidential. Lifen says that everything is encrypted in transit and at rest, and the company can’t access your data.

Lifen acts as an interface with multiple electronic messaging protocols — MS Santé, Apicrypt, Zepra and Medimail. You can send a letter using those protocols in a few clicks. And because paper isn’t going to die overnight, you can also send letters through the French postal service using Lifen as well.

The startup manages a directory of healthcare professionals and also handles read receipts. When it comes to receiving messages, Lifen acts as a unified inbox that lets


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