Humanising Autonomy pulls in $5M to help self-driving cars keep an eye on pedestrians

Pretty much everything about making a self-driving car is difficult, but among the most difficult parts is making sure the vehicles know what pedestrians are doing — and what they’re about to do. Humanising Autonomy specializes this, and hopes to become a ubiquitous part of people-focused computer vision systems worldwide.

The company has raised a $5.3 million seed round from an international group of investors on the strength of its AI system, which it claims outperforms humans and works on images from practically any camera you might find in a car these days.

HA’s tech is a set of machine learning modules trained to identify different pedestrian behaviors — is this person about to step into the street? Are they paying attention? Have they made eye contact with the driver? Are they on the phone? Things like that.

The company credits the robustness of its models to two main things. First, the variety of its data sources.

“Since day one collected data from any type of source — CCTV cameras, dash cams of all resolutions, but also autonomous vehicle sensors,” said co-founder and CEO Maya Pindeus. “We’ve also built data partnerships and collaborated with different institutions, so we’ve been able

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