Out of stealth, Stratio emerges with predictive AI to stop your bus from breaking down

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Remember that future we were promised where our vehicle magically tells us that we’re about to break down? Or actually never does? Or that the pickup truck arrives before the driver even knows something is wrong? That future is arriving. But like many things, the practical reality is that this technology starts to arrive in the fleet management industry before it arrives for consumers.

The market for maintenance of fleets of buses and trucks is worth $200 billion in annual expenditure, so as you can imagine, it’s a juicy sector to get into. In Portugal, a team of entrepreneurs and scientists assembled to look into this and came up with a fascinating startup that is now attracting the attention of investors.

Today, Stratio is emerging from stealth to help OEMs, distributors and fleets benefit from AI-driven predictive intelligence.

The idea is to apply machine learning models that retrieve and analyze millions of data points per vehicle per day to vehicles both in development and on the road. It turns out that if you compare the real versus the expected behaviour of the actual vehicle components themselves, you can improve automated testing and predictive intelligence that can assess the vehicle’s condition.


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