58% of US Employees Choose Happiness Over More Money at Work

How many times have you heard “Money can’t buy you happiness?” Probably more times than you care to count. Well, a new report by Wrike says more than 50% of U.S. and UK employees are choosing to be happy over their paycheck size.

Today’s workers are reporting doing meaningful work is the most critical factor in being happy. So much so, it even ranks higher than their compensation.

What does this say about the workforce? For small businesses who are competing in a tight labor market against large companies, a lot. As long as you provide a decent living wage, you can create an environment which will attract such employees. They might even opt for your business instead of being another cog in the wheel of a large corporation.

Wrike Vice President of People Operations Megan Barbie talked about the change taking place in the press release. Barbie said, “The nature of work is changing, and with it, employers must also evolve their strategies for building happy and engaged workforces.”

Barbie goes on to say organizations have to stop making assumptions about what they think will make their employees happy. Adding, businesses have to really invest in what matters

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