Optimizing the multitasking customer journey

The online shopping experience is constantly evolving, with new technologies constantly shifting the customer journey. Digital platforms are perpetually impacting how customers engage and interact with online brands — and must compete more than ever with outside distractions for consumer attention.   Hear from more than 1,300 online shoppers to better understand their habits and behaviors, including what factors most influence them to embrace — or abandon — their online shopping experience.   In this guide you will learn:   The impact that mobile shopping has had on consumer attention and multitasking, with statistics uncovering which activities consumers are most likely to be engaging in while online shopping   The top reasons that influence consumers’ decisions to shop at an online retailer, including which two factors matter most to over 90% of consumers   Detailed insight into specific customer frustrations, including the biggest hindrances to the online checkout process that often cause cart abandonment   Note: By entering your information you agree to be contacted by Digiday and its partners.

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