Are You More Than Okay: The State of Mental Health in Tech in 2016

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One of the most important things we can build is community, and it’s beautiful to think about how much tech diversity and inclusion has grown in past few years. We’ve made huge strides covering intersections like race, class, gender and sexual identity. But we’ve only touched the surface when it comes to mental health.

The tech industry is ruthless (not just for software engineers). You can feel like a cog in a machine that just might get rewarded… after burning out from dedicating your entire life to your career. There are very few safe spaces to discuss mental health and practice self-care, and in tech, we’re conditioned to refrain from acknowledging our weaknesses and vulnerabilities. We tip-toe around the issue by promoting fun, social activities in the workplace – occasionally offering weekly yoga classes. But addressing mental health also means talking about the ugly, and providing direct resources for people to be more than okay.

Mental health isn’t just mental illness – it’s part of being human. The more we acknowledge the role of mental health in our industry, the more we can help people get access to better healthcare, retain and support underrepresented employees, and build an

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