Nail Your Novel

Welcome_doormat smlI know email newsletters are the holy grail of marketing and building an audience. I fully accept that we need to nudge people to sign up. I know we need to use calls to action, and not be afraid to say ‘here’s my book and here’s where to buy it’ or ‘this offer will end soon’.

But a lot of email marketing now seems to overstep the mark. And some particularly odious tactics are being taught as techniques for success.

I’ve been provoked to write this because I’ve been sent a rather tempting offer – to promote a course on email marketing, for which I’d get a 75% affiliate fee. Very generous, but … I loathe many of the tactics they teach. I can’t promote a course that teaches them. Not even for 75%.

Are there any email marketing tactics you’d like to see outlawed? Here are my top three.

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