I'm a Writer, Yes, I Am!

I’ve been very busy learning how to market — and actually marketing — not just The Brothers Pathbut Savior as well. They are stand-alone books, but they are about the same family separated by 300 years.

To make it more resonant, I went through Savior and changed all the anglicized names to the Swiss names they have in The Brothers Path. As I did this, I thought of the “big picture” and how, until we have super-human prescience (which I do not want) we can’t really see the big picture. I had no idea when I wrote Savior that I’d write a sequel. A second edition of Savior is now out with the names changed. The Kindle version is now cleaned up and nicer; the paperback has been redesigned slightly and uploaded through Createspace instead of Lulu. It looks better, is less expensive and hits the marketplace sooner.

Today I learned…

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