Groceries are the third largest expense next to housing and transportation on a budget. Americans spend $151/week on food. Young adults spend slightly more at $173/week and individuals with incomes of $75,000 or more spend about $180/week. Only 8% of American spend $50/week on food. (Gallup). These numbers do not account for the cost of eating out. Based on these statistics, it worth finding ways to reduce the cost of groceries by modifying how we shop and plan our meals.

Here are a few ways to trim your grocery bill by 20% or more:

Implement a meal plan

Spend some time putting together a 7-day meal plan. The time invested will save you money and hours of figuring out what to eat throughout the week. If you feel overwhelmed with implementing a meal plan, there are lots of great ready to use free meal plan options to choose…

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